htglCourseMap Harbour Community Golf Hyperlinks is just one of one of the most notable fairway on the PGA Trip. It is constantly rated amongst leading training courses worldwide by magazines such as Golf Digest, Golfweek as well as Traveling & Recreation publication. Below is a hole-by-hole summary of the training course, which has actually held the Heritage considering that 1969.

HARBOUR COMMUNITY GOLF CONNECTS 11 Lighthouse Lane, Hilton Head Island The same level : 36/35-- 71 Yardage: 3540/3561-- 7101

redp OPENING 1

Range : 410 The same level : 4 Exactly how to play it : A straight drive is important to remain in between looming branches in a chute just 20 lawns broad, yet the fairway opens at the touchdown location. A moderate or brief iron need to get to an eco-friendly shielded by both sand and also lawn shelters.

redp OPENING 2

Range: 502 The same level : 5 Exactly how to play it: If they maintain the drive on the left side of the fairway, lengthy players can get to the environment-friendly in 2. Or else, the 2nd shot ought to be placed down the left side, to open the eco-friendly, which pushes an angled, for a 3rd shot.

redp OPENING 3

Range: 469 The same level : 4 Just how to play it : Trees line both sides of the fairway, making a line of sight from the tee crucial. A big shelter guards the front of the eco-friendly, with 3 even more located to the right. A tool to brief iron ought to finish the job, however the little environment-friendly can be difficult to hold.

redp OPENING 4

Range: 200 The same level: 3 Exactly how to play it : A traditional Pete Dye take the chance of/ benefit style. There is sufficient space on the right to release, as well as a covert shelter behind the eco-friendly can conserve your sphere from a shallows.

redp OPENING 5

Range : 540 The same level: 5 Just how to play it : Purpose simply to the right of the left fairway shelter, then determine your probabilities of making the eco-friendly in 2. The challenges: A huge calculated shelter to the right, water as well as a greenside shelter left. A slim however deep eco-friendly diminishes to the right and also back.

redp OPENING 6

Range: 419 The same level : 4 Just how to play it : Devilishly hard to master, this dogleg the same level 4 calls for an exact drive to the center right simply left of the fairway shelter. Make use of the open opportunity to the flag as well as attempt to stay clear of the shelters flanking the environment-friendly. The tiny eco-friendly can be tough to hold.

redp OPENING 7

Range: 195 The same level : 3 Just how to play it : The environment-friendly is bordered by sand, yet the actual threats below are the trees. They will certainly decline any type of off-line shot as well as make an effective healing extremely complicated. The environment-friendly is deep however slim, as well as pin positioning can impact club option.

redp OPENING 8

Range: 473 The same level : 4 Exactly how to play it : Ranked the hardest opening on the training course, No. 8 makes a wellplaced drive vital to prevent water and also tactically positioned trees. Lugging the dogleg past the initial 2 pines offers you a chance at among one of the most evasive environment-friendlies anywhere. Compliment on your own for matching the same level, since you will certainly have overcome a stubbornly immune opponent.

redp OPENING 9

Range : 332 The same level : 4 Exactly how to play it: Positioning is more crucial than power on this misleading however brief the same level 4. Drive to the center of the fairway as well as prevent fighting trees on your strategy. The heart-shaped environment-friendly is safeguarded both ahead as well as behind by sand.

redp OPENING 10

Range: 451 The same level: 4 Just how to play it: A broad touchdown location welcomes a huge drive, however solidify your gusto if you intend to stay clear of the shallows left wing. After an excellent drive, make use of a tool or lengthy iron to reach an environment-friendly nestled in between timbers and also 2 strategically-placed shelters. htglCourseMap02

redp OPENING 11

Range : 436 The same level: 4 Just how to play it : Story your drive to remain within the chute, due to the fact that a harmful duo of trees as well as water prowls on both sides of the fairway. From the fairway, a lengthy to tool iron need to be gunned to the eco-friendly thoroughly staying clear of the trees with dignity shielding the ideal side. The environment-friendly is likewise flanked by shelters.

redp OPENING 12

Range: 430 The same level : 4 Just how to play it : Getting to the dogleg off the tee is important for any kind of possibility at the same level. Then the eco-friendly remains in array with a tool or lengthy iron, yet a back pin positioning can make as long as a three-club distinction. 2 shelters stand as the last difficulty to those optimists in the pursuit of the same level.

redp OPENING 13

Range: 373 The same level: 4 Exactly how to play it: The tee fired below have to be placed to the best side of the fairway to establish the method to the environment-friendly. Then the 2nd shot will certainly be a brief iron in between both big oaks. However do not score your the same level till you have actually prevailed over both last barriers-- a huge cypress as well as the banked shelter that secures the front of the environment-friendly.

redp OPENING 14

Range: 192 The same level : 3 Just how to play it : This attractive water design has water from tee to environment-friendly on the right. Many thanks to looming trees, the environment-friendly is a tiny, separated target with a nearby tiny pot shelter bound to function as a magnet for the unwary.

redp OPENING 15

Range: 588 The same level : 5 Just how to play it : You can call No. 15 a reasoning difficulty, considering that this excellent par 5 needs mindful consideration as well as shot implementation right from tee to flag. To stay clear of problems on the method, maintain the drive from the tee as near to the facility as feasible. This will certainly conserve you from the destiny of water left wing as well as zealous bunkerguardians on both sides.

redp OPENING 16

Range : 434 The same level : 4 Exactly how to play it : The exclamation factor of sand practically states everything on this intriguing dogleg left. Prevent the left however likewise beware of the slalom-like pines on the right. It's simply a brief iron onto the eco-friendly if you get here unharmed after that very first drive. Goal very carefully. The collection of shelters on the right can quickly embarrass par-seekers.

redp OPENING 17

Range: 185 The same level : 3 Just how to play it : Water, water almost everywhere claims something: Take that vibrant iron shot and also make it precise - otherwise! In this circumstance, the 90-yard shelter is the following ideal point to a close friend, because it might conserve a somewhat off-center tee shot from a watery expansion. Still, the head or crosswinds which are the standard of this opening can conveniently bring a shot right into the shallows.

redp OPENING 18

Range : 472 The same level : 4 Just how to play it : The 18th opening is just one of golf's most highly-recognizable coatings. The objective is the vast touchdown location sticking out right into Calibogue Noise.

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The lengthy strategy to the flag uses adequate bailout to the right where the perilous however innocent-looking mounding has actually triggered several to shed an in-demand the same level.

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