When they"re not at the workplace (which appears a lot of the moment), a well-off, photogenic pair play sleuths, with a little aid from their licensed operator, Max, in a light and also fashionable mixture developed by Sidney Sheldon, with Aaron Punctuation and also Leonard Goldberg as executive manufacturers. p Episode 1 Struck Jennifer Hart Sat, Sep 22, 1979 60 minutes p Jennifer is the target of a hitman worked with by an exec that was discharged by Jonathan (Robert Wagner). Stephen: Craig Wasson. Max: Lionel Stander. Morgan: Edward Grover. Daniels: Peter Brandon. Pierson: Eddie Hailey. p Episode 2 p Key to Murder p Sat, Sep 29, 1979 60 minutes Jonathan as well as Jennifer (Stefanie Powers) land behind bars attempting to assist a buddy included with medication smugglers. Reilly: Nicholas Pryor. Max: Lionel Stander. Decker: John Aquino. Aguira: Ismael Carlo. Rodriguez: Henry Darrow. p Episode 3 Jonathan Hart, Jr. h3 p Sat, Oct 6, 1979 60 minutes p A child is left on the Harts "front door with a note recognizing him as Jonathan"s child. Robert Wagner. Connie: Dee Wallace. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers. Vince: Costs Lucking. Max: Lionel Stander. Jonathan Jr.: Randy Gray. Moss: Michael Alldredge. p Episode 4 Fatality in the Slow Lane p Sat, Oct 13, 1979 60 minutes p After purchasing an antique automobile that ends up being a phony, Jonathan as well as Jennifer are come close to by customers that couldn "t treatment much less concerning its credibility. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers. Max: Lionel Stander. Louisa: Andra Akers. Mason: Jeremy Brett. Larry: John Chappell. p Episode 5 p h3 You Made Me Eliminate You h3 Tue, Oct 23, 1979 60 minutes p A disrupted female loves Jonathan and also plays out a dream that she is Jennifer (Stefanie Powers). Robert Wagner. Peggy: Kathleen Lloyd. Tony Danielson: Jack Michael Lindine. p Episode 6 Murder In Between Pals Tue, Oct 30, 1979 60 minutes p A well-off lawyer is killed at an event, and also the only visitors there at the time were an aggravated coworker and also his disloyal partner. Robert Wagner, Stephanie Powers. Gail: Jeanne Lang. Mike: Don Galloway. Myra: Bonnie Bartlett. Lt. Doyle: Harry Caesar. Jean-Claude: Paul Verdier. Norman: William Royal Prince. Ellie: Shannon Wilcox. Inga: Valorie Armstrong. Episode 7 p Back down h3 Tue, Nov 6, 1979 60 minutes When talked to places the Harts on the path of an awesome that tracks girls of the night, the murder of a woman of the street Jennifer. Stefanie Powers, Robert Wagner. Sandy: Markie Blog Post. Taggert: Burr DeBenning. Larry Fredricks: Richard Herd. p br Episode 8 h3 Max crazy h3 p Tue, Nov 13, 1979 60 minutes The Harts" house is burglarized by burglars conspiring with Max"s sweetheart. Max: Lionel Stander. Edgar: Daniel J. Travanti. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Charlotte: Madlyn Rhue. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers. Springfield: Rene Auberjonois. Mellon: Joseph Stern. First Moving Company: Robert W. Tessier. Episode 9 p A New Type Of High h3 p Tue, Nov 27, 1979 60 minutes p A drug store is eliminated by colleagues that fear he"ll spoil their strategy to market a brand-new medicine on the road. Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers. Karen: Karen Austin. Max: Lionel Stander. David: Paul Rudd. Pruitt: J.A. Preston. p Episode 10 p With This Weapon, I Thee Joined h3 Tue, Dec 4, 1979 60 minutes In Monte Carlo, Jonathan"s previous sweetheart is being pushed into a marital relationship she doesn"t desire. Robert Wagner. Niki: Christine Belford. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers. Theo: Andrew Parks. Alex: Richard Johnson. Paul Villon: Joshua Bryant. The Beret: Vincent Schiavelli. The Thin One: Jamil Zakkai. Janine: Carol Williard. Master Cook: Billy Beck. p Episode 11 p The Guy with Jade Eyes p Tue, Dec 11, 1979 60 minutes The Harts fall under property of a popular gold statuary. Stefanie Powers. Lisa: Shana Li. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Sydney: Edward Mulhare. Max: Lionel Stander. Jerk: Ben Bates. Jimmy Lee: George Kee Cheung. Divine Guy: James Hong. Montgomery: Jon Cutler. Episode 12 p Shade Jennifer Dead Tue, Jan 8, 1980 60 minutes The Harts penetrate the fatality of a musician that was obtaining acknowledgment. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Warren Keller: Barry Jenner. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers. Roger Winslow: Leonard Frey. Max: Lionel Stander. Conway: Lee de Broux. Peterson: Gio Andreozzi. Lt. Gillis: Richard B. Shull. Pierson: Noble Willingham. Darlene: Melissa Steinberg. Butler: Matthew Faison. p Episode 13 p An Inquiry of Virtue h3 p Tue, Jan 15, 1980 60 minutes A female is blackmailed for eliminating the pusher that created her grand son"s fatality. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers. Whitney Rogers: Jameson Parker. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Warren Sanford: Charles Hallahan. Mrs. Mager: Beverly Sanders. Ella Greber: Cindy Grover. Stanley Friesen: Lee Wilkof. Karen: Stacey Kuhne. p Episode 14 p Evening Horrors Tue, Jan 22, 1980 60 minutes When one of the visitors is killed, a prize search via a haunted home makes for an unusual celebration-- specifically. Stefanie Powers. Simon: Fred Stuthman. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Amanda: Cynthia Harris. Mike: Paul Shenar. Gladys: Marya Small. Fred: Arlen Dean Snyder. Dr. Phillips: Nina Van Pallandt. p Episode 15 p Which Means, Highway? Tue, Jan 29, 1980 60 minutes p Highway witnesses a murder as well as runs off with the tool. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers. Baldwin: Stephen Elliott. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Eileen Nash: Rebecca Hollen. Armstrong: Paul Sylvan. Dr. Gastone: Hugh Gillin. Annette: Peggy Pope. Episode 16 p Downhill to Fatality p Tue, Feb 5, 1980 60 minutes Jennifer hears a buddy outlining to eliminate his partner on a ski journey. Robert Wagner. Kate: Juliet Mills. Halsey: Pole McCary. Marina: Shelley Smith. Peter: George Deloy. Jelks: Glenn Ash. Episode 17 The Raid h3 Tue, Feb 26, 1980 60 minutes p The Harts fly to South America to totally free 2 abducted staff members. Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers, Lionel Stander. Dr. Hampton: Jordan Rhodes. Claire: Laura Wallace Rhodes. Lorenzo: Daniel Faraldo. Jorge: Gilbert Roland. Cober: Peter MacLean. Tomas: Tony Acierto. br Episode 18 Second sight h3 Tue, Mar 11, 1980 60 minutes p A female worries for the life of her double, from whom she was divided at birth. Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers. Sanford: Peter Coffield. Max: Lionel Stander. Whitley: Eduard Franz. p Episode 19 p h3 Does She or Doesn"t She? Tue, Mar 18, 1980 60 minutes The Harts really feel a lady"s effort to eliminate her hairdresser is connected to his presumed financial obligation to a shylock. Stefanie Powers. Barry: Stephen Parr. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Sally: Susan Bartells. Max: Lionel Stander. Micklin: Frank Marth. Gail: Tandy Cronyn. Sophie: Eve Arden. Alfredo: Tony Brasa. Hutchins: Jack Ramage. Lt. Montgomery: Jon Cutler. p br Episode 20 p h3 Cruise ship at Your Own Danger Tue, Apr 8, 1980 60 minutes p The Harts take a cruise ship on among their linings to snatch a burglar. Stefanie Powers, Robert Wagner. Patrick: Thomas MacGreevy. Pamela: Simone Griffeth. Max: Lionel Stander. Victor: John Hillerman. Esther: Rosemary Prinz. p Episode 21 A Lot Of Cooks Are Murder h3 Tue, May 6, 1980 60 minutes p A cook is killed prior to he can reveal Jonathan an amazing exploration. Stefanie Powers, Lionel Stander. Pauline: Corinne Calvet. Maurice: Jacques Aubuchon. Pierre Duvall: Jeremiah Sullivan. March: Lloyd Bochner. Jimmy Malone: Earl Montgomery. Charlotte: Betty McGuire. Eve: Annie Helm. Stanley: Lee Wilkof. p Episode 22 p Fatality Establish h3 p Tue, May 13, 1980 60 minutes p A spendthrift looks greedily at his sister-in-law"s tradition from the spouse she fired to fatality. Blair: Amanda McBroom. Jonathan: Robert Wagner. Margaret: Belinda Mayne. Jennifer: Stefanie Powers. David: Thomas Callaway. Darryl: Doug Rowe. Lt. Beckerman: Floyd Levine.

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