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"Hell to the Naw Naw" is a viral music video by Florida-based soul singer Bernard Thomas (a.k.a. Bishop Bullwinkle), in which he sings about attending church and praising Jesus Christ.


According to Genius,<2> the song was originally released on January 1st, 2014. On August 31st, 2014, YouTuber Carlos Turner uploaded audio of the song, which received upwards of 1.3 million views and 730 comments over the next three years.<1> On August 4th, 2015, YouTuber Official Bronshay uploaded the music video for the song (shown below).

My name Bishop BullwinkleFrom the First Church of Nothing but the TruthDeacon Kyle, Deacon George, Deacon ClayHolding the door, let them in, turn them lowFirst I want to thank godFor the blood running warm in my veins (That"s alright)Thank god for my life, health and strengthI got a sound mind, I"m not insane (Come on, come on)I ain"t gonna preach too longAin"t gonna take this service too far
My sermon in the morningHell to the naw naw naw (Come on, come on, come on)

Hell naw, to the naw naw naw (Hell to the naw)Hell to the naw, to the naw naw naw (Listen)

Sister Ella, sister Ruth y"all usheringMake sure that everybody get a seatSister Lilly may go in the kitchenCause when it gets through I need to eat (Come on)Fix me collard greens and cornbread and riceChicken breast, ox tails on the side (That"s alright)Deacon Frank get my dark truck readyCause when it gets through I need a rideDeacon Big Rob, count the money count the moneyCome back tell me what ya raiseI got the people they looking for some blessingBut now God got to get the praise (Woo)There"s an old sayingWhen the praise go up you get the blessing coming down (Yeah)I got some peoples in the church, huhAnd they still, they still they messing around

I got peoples in the church they hugging youThey claim that they love you to death (They"ll do that)But time they get home they on the telephoneTalking about they can"t stand your breath (Yeah)I got peoples in the church smoking weed, drinking whiskeyDrinking vodka, lots of gin (What you say?)I got the preacher with the night prayer leadingTalking about "Can I get a amen" (Talk to "em)Every Sunday morningAbout a quarter about a half past ten (Come on)I got some fag, I got some bulldaggerI got some hoes and dope baggers they coming inAnd now they"re laying at the alter
And they"re confes-sing their sins, yeah (Come on Bishop)Time you see them Monday morningDoing the same thing again (Come on)

I got kids dropping out of schoolTalking about they don"t want to learn, hehBut they standing on the corner rolling bluntsTalking about come on let"s burn (They"ll do that)I got kids walking up and down the streetPants hanging down by their knees (Look at "em, look at "em)Talking about that they"re looking for a jobWhen I see them I say "jitter bug please"See all they ever talk about brag aboutWho got the biggest and the baddest gunTime they see the copper with the bubble topThey drop the Glock and want to run (Yeah)And now the sheriff got them locked upGot them sitting in the county jail (What now?)Heard the mama, she was crying all nightCause you can"t get the money for the bailAnd now they"re mad with the home boysCause they didn"t put no money in the commissary (Yeah, yeah)Be glad you"re in the jail brother manCause you were sure headed for the cemetery (That"s a fact)There"s an old sayingThat a hard head make a soft behind (Yeah, yeah)But since you did the crime go on and do the timeStop the baby crying


On August 7th, 2015, the BWTM News & Entertainment YouTube channel uploaded an interview with Thomas (shown below).

The following day, YouTuber TopClips247 uploaded a Vine compilation featuring the song (shown below, left). On September 10th, the All Video YouTube channel uploaded footage of a gradmother dancing to the song (shown below, right).

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On March 1st, 2016, Bishop Bullwinkle uploaded a new music for the song titled "Bishop Bullwinkle Hell To Da Naw,Naw,Naw With Da Bicycle" (shown below, left). Over the next 17 months, the video accumulated upwards of 10 million views and 4,300 comments. On June 12th, YouTuber Mark D uploaded a remix of the video featuring video clips of Donald Trump (shown below, right).