Wedding Proposal Ideas at Disney World

Disney World remains one of the most iconic places for proposals around the world. Synonymous with princesses and happily ever after, it’s the ideal backdrop for any couple embarking on their own fairytale beginning. But with COVID restrictions imposed by the parks, and Disneyland still closed, many have wondered whether a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth is even worth it. Especially when it comes to engagements, there are a few wedding proposal ideas that make the trip worthwhile. 

As with any trip during the COVID era, it’s important to note all the drawbacks of your experience. There are plenty of incredible things to love about the parks right now. But there are just as many to put your plans on pause. Below is a list of the pros and cons of planning a wedding proposal at Disney World.

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Pros of Proposing at Disney World

Crowds at Disney were getting out of control before the pandemic. Now they feel somewhat more manageable, even with the increased need to spread out. This change accounts for the majority of reasons on the pro side that make an engagement at Disney World so idyllic. 

Increased Private Proposal Photo Opportunities

The best part about planning an engagement at Disney World is the picture-perfect setting of an outdoor proposal by the castle. What’s not so picturesque are the crowds of people clamoring in and out of your magical photo opportunity. The advantage of fewer crowds means this issue drops off at an incredible rate. You don’t have to spend hours trying to get that flawless view of just you, your significant other, and the backdrop of your dreams. There are times where you may even get absolutely no one in your photos, and it’s kind of amazing. 

Especially for new couples wanting to commemorate their special occasion, it’s one of the perks of going during this time. The only drawback is wearing a mask. Though for creative photo takers, and in certain areas of the parks, this is not a problem. We can work with you to help you find the perfect location for your proposal and make sure our team gets the perfect shot as well.

Better Access to Rides

One of the most significant stressors when going to Disney World is the ridiculously long wait times. Even without fast passes, social distancing measures, and increased cleanings between riders, the wait times are nowhere near what they used to be before the pandemic hit. Couples celebrating their proposal get the added benefit of seeing more of the park without the headache of long lines and outrageous wait times. 

Cons for Disney Wedding Proposals

Now on to the drawbacks. It isn’t all sunshine and daisies at the Happiest Place on Earth these days. In fact, there are many things made unavailable due to COVID-19 that may make it less ideal for first-time travelers to visit the parks right now. Those who have seen these entertainment options over and over may be fine with the temporary changes for now.

No Fireworks, Parades, or Castle Shows

There’s something so romantic about fireworks, which is yet another reason so many guests flock to Disney World for their wedding proposal. However, Disney removed this slice of magic from the parks until further notice, as well as any other entertainment that incites people to gather in large crowds. If this is a deal-breaker for you, as it has been for many guests coming to the parks, then a Disney proposal is not likely in your future. Instead, there are ways to replicate this same magic with some creative proposal ideas in your hometown.

COVID Restrictions and Limited Access

While many of the noteworthy restaurants and a handful of fantastic Disney resorts have opened, a great many still remain closed. Depending on which areas of the Disney parks and resorts you plan to visit, this may hinder your wedding proposal idea. Remember that masks are required all throughout the parks, which is outside the range of comfort for some guests. 

However, if you are flexible on where to propose and want to enjoy the atmosphere of the park with fewer crowds, these may be moderate hiccups in your overall engagement plans. For a complete list of restaurants, resorts, and shops that are closed and open, check the Disney website for more information.

How The Heart Bandits Can Help

Still not sure whether a trip to the park is the perfect choice for you? Whether you need advice, help planning your Disney wedding proposal, or want alternative options for a fairytale proposal in your hometown, here’s how The Heart Bandits can help.

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Custom Proposal Planning: Your love is one-of-a-kind. We can help make your experience as unique as you are with our custom proposal idea and planning.Proposal Packages: Choose from a selection of expertly-designed proposal ideas to make your experience easier and stress-free. 

Planning your magical day is a huge undertaking, so don’t waste any time, and contact us about our proposal services today!