The Abraham Lincoln Memorial gets on the National Shopping Mall in Washington, DC; it lies southern of the White Residence, west of the Washington Monolith, and also near the financial institutions of the Potomac River. It honors Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), the sixteenth Head of state of the USA and also among one of the most renowned leaders in our Country's background. Lincoln was Head Of State throughout the Country's Civil Battle (1861-1865), and also he released the Emancipation Pronouncement of 1863, which announced that servants within rebel states would certainly be cost-free. He is likewise understood for the Gettysburg Address, provided in 1863, which honored the dropped soldiers in the Fight of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.The memorial was constructed in between 1914 and also 1922, and also the style of the structure stands for the Union. The 36 columns outside wall surfaces represent the 36 states in the Union at the time of Lincoln's fatality. The names of the 48 states in the Union when the memorial was finished are sculpted along the beyond the memorial; a plaque recognizing Alaska as well as Hawaii remains in the method plaza.The chamber inside the memorial has the popular statuary of Lincoln that was shaped by Daniel Chester French; Lincoln is seated as well as encountering towards the Washington Monolith as well as the United State Capitol. On the within wall surfaces of the memorial are etched words of the Gettysburg Address and also Lincoln's 2nd First Address of 1865. Behind the statuary of Lincoln are these words, inscribed on the wall surface:


Found in between the Lincoln Memorial and also the Washington Monolith is the Mirroring Swimming pool.

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It was built in 1922, after the Lincoln Memorial was finished. From the Lincoln Memorial, it mirrors the high column of the Washington Monolith externally of the water.Abraham Lincoln Memorial realities and also numbers: The Lincoln Memorial is 190 feet by 118 feet as well as is 99 feet high.The statuary of Lincoln is 19 feet high as well as evaluates 175 tons.The Mirroring Swimming pool is 2,029 feet long and also 167 feet broad; it holds concerning 6,750,000 gallons of water.If you look very closely, you can see the statuary of Lincoln inside the Lincoln Memorial on the back of a penny.To discover more, consisting of an interactive excursion, see the Lincoln Memorial site.To see a transcribed draft of the Emancipation Announcement, see the National Archives website.