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In the winter season of 2018, a staff from Aquatica Submarines ventured to the base of the Great Blue Opening and also made some unforeseen discoveries.Following is a records of the video.Narrator: There"s a large undersea sinkhole off

the coastline of Belize that expands 125 meters right into the Planet"s crust. It "s called the Great Blue Opening. Diving scuba divers and also snorkelers have actually been travelling the surface area waters for years, however couple of have actually attempted to endeavor much deeper and also discover what exists past the blackness.In the winter months of 2018, a staff from Aquatica Submarines began their descent to the base of heaven Opening. Their objective was to produce a 3D map of the sinkhole"s indoor, yet along the road, they discovered some not-so-common as well as typical sights.As the team began, they discovered the typical suspects: coral reef sharks, turtles, as well as gigantic corals reefs.

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Yet as they pressed 90 meters, life began to disappear. The perpetrator was a thick layer of poisonous hydrogen sulfide covering the size of the whole sinkhole like a drifting blanket.Erika Bergman: Below that there "s no oxygen, extinction, and also down there we located conchs as well as conch coverings and also hermit crabs that had actually fallen under the opening as well as stifled, really.Narrator: Past the conch graveyard and also towards all-time low of the opening, around 120 meters deep, the group discovered something they did not anticipate: tiny stalactites.

The shock offered researchers hints to the opening"s old past.Bergman: Stalactites can just create since water is trickling down rock. Therefore we understand that this was a large, completely dry cavern, and also it was throughout a truly respected age in the world, so there were possibly great deals of things living in it.Narrator: Researchers believe the cavern created throughout the last Glacial epoch, which finished regarding 14,000 years back. That "s when water level started to climb, and also the cavern broke down as well as swamped, leaving heaven Opening we see today.

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Scientists assume that aquatic sinkholes, like Dragon Opening in South China Sea, and also Dean"s Blue Opening in the Bahamas possibly created the very same way.As the researchers proceeded down the opening, they discovered an additional hint to the past: a light build-up of silt in addition to the conch graveyard.Bergman: The silt itself under is a respectable document of every one of the various storms as well as tornado cycles and also

glaciations that have actually occurred, so we can see that ideal around the moment of the Mayan collapse, there were substantial, big tornado cycles adhered to by reallyconsiderable droughts.Narrator: As the group remained to check out all-time low of the opening, they located a 2-liter Coke container and also a shed GoPro including some getaway images. Yet that wasn" t all.Bergman: We did come across 2 of the potential 3 individuals that have actually been shed in heaven Opening, so we located type of the relaxing location of a pair individuals, and also we simply type of extremely pleasantly allow the Belize federal government recognize where we located them, and also every person made a decision that we would certainly simply not try any kind of recuperation.

It"s serene as well as extremely dark down there, simply type of allow them stay.Narrator: Researchers anticipate this opening won "t be around permanently to check out. Daily, falls of sand come under it, gradually loading it up like an undersea shapely. However when it comes to currently, we can still appreciate its elegance and also examine its numerous secrets.