The Hunk is just one of one of the most preferred personalities in the MCU (we're mosting likely to act like Smart Hunk never ever occurred) as well as his tale has even more deepness than a few of the various other heroes' tales. So, after Age of Ultron , the Hunk vanished just to incredibly show up in the world Sakaar in Ragnarok Lots of followers have actually asked yourself regarding just how did Hunk reach Sakaar, however do not stress-- Fiction Perspective has the response for you!

The Quinjet most likely went across courses with a wormhole that moved it straight to Sakaar, where Hunk came to be a gladiator for the Grandmaster.

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Since we have actually offered you a brief intro, allow us go over the subject of this short article in a lot more information.

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Tabulation program

What took place to Hunk after Age of Ultron?

We understand that after the devastating occasions of Age of Ultron , that led to the devastation of Sokovia, the Hunk went away. He took the Quinjet and also went away, not informing any individual where he was going. We understood he was going off the grid, because he discussed that the Quinjet's stealth setting would certainly impede the Avengers from tracking him. The specific factors and also objectives for this act are still uncertain, yet we intend they have something to do with the distressing experience in Sokovia. He then vanished for a total amount of 2 years, prior to we saw him once again in Thor: Ragnarok

Regarding it is currently recognized, the Hunk entirely took control of Banner's body as well as blocked Banner for an overall of 2 years. He flew off from Planet in the Quinjet as well as ultimately arrived at the world Sakaar, which is run by the Grandmaster. There, the Hunk ended up being a gladiator and also, in fact, Grandmaster's valued champ, beating every opposition up until Thor ultimately got to the start of Ragnarok

Just how did Hunk reach Sakaar?

And also while Hunk's specific objectives for his loss are vague, there is one also larger enigma in his tale-- exactly how did he wind up on Sakaar? Specifically, the scrap earth run by Grandmaster lies beyond of the galaxy and also it is very not likely that Hunk really landed there voluntarily or by just taking a trip via area as well as discovering it. This scrap load of a world is just also away and also to inhospitable to be an appropriate visitor location for any person, also the Hunk. So, what took place?

When Thor satisfies Hunk on Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok , he-- normally-- questions just how his close friend got here there. Given that Banner was shut off for 2 years, he has no hint regarding what had actually been taking place, so he might not give a response for the Asgardian god. Hunk, on the various other hand, in spite of establishing a primitive vocabulary, had not been able to supply any type of description other than a motion symbolizing a collision. From that, we understand that the Quinjet crashlanded on Sakaar at one factor, however we have no information whatsoever.


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The film does not more problem itself with this subject, going with a basic, albeit detailless service. We can think that Hunk, while taking a trip via room, wound up being drawn by a wormhole that created the accident on Sakaar. Specifically, Sakaar is bordered by wormholes that transfer room waste (primarily garbage) in the world. This is exactly how the Grandmaster had the ability to develop his realm and also this is one of the most likely description for Hunk crashlanding in the world.

To better substantiate that, we have a declaration from Ragnarok manufacturing developer Dan Hennah, that quickly clarified Hunk's arrival in aninterviewwith Cinemablend:

"He struck among those wormholes, as well as he wound up below."

-- Dan Hennah

This more verifies our uncertainties as well as maybe taken into consideration as a canon reality, in spite of not being verified by film itself. Still, this stays an instead simple description, although inevitably-- the inquiry does not actually affect the story that a lot, so we can recognize why the manufacturers never ever troubled to supply an appropriate tale for it.

For how long was he on Sakaar?

This is a concern that has actually perplexed followers for some time and also we can plainly specify that this is a physics-related story opening that you need not fret about. However will certainly still discuss it to you.

We understand that Hunk left Planet on May 6, 2015 which he left the planer on November 21, 2017. This indicates that, in Earth-centered time, he invested 930 days, which has to do with 2 and also a fifty percent years. Which's it. Completion. Basic as that. Or?

This inquiry appears easy as well as it possibly is if you're observing it from an earthly viewpoint, however this viewpoint neglects one essential aspect-- time does not move in the very same rate on Sakaar as it does in the world. Allow us do a little bit of mathematics (thanks to Ayush Goving on Quora):

This scene from Thor: Ragnarok showsa us that Loki teleports at 2:17 and also Thor at 2:27, which is roughly a 10 2nd distinction.

Currently, we need to presume that: Δt1=10 secs (s)

Later on in the movie, Loki discusses that he got here on Sakaar roughly 2 weeks earlier than Thor. This leads us to the complying with numbers:

Δt2= 2 Sakaaran weeks= 2 x 7 x 24 x 60 x 60= 1,209,600 Sakaaran secs (Ss)


⇒ 10 s= 1,209,600 Ss

⇒ 1 s= 120,960 Ss= 1.4 Sakaaran Days

This suggests that time moves 120,960 times quicker on Sakaar. Consequently, 1 2nd in the world amounts to 1 day as well as 10 hrs on Sakaar. That's a huge distinction, truly.

Currently, we have actually currently developed that Hunk invested 930 days on Sakaar, which suggests that:

Δt3 = 930 days = 2.54 years

Which would certainly imply that the complete time the Hunk invested in Sakaar is:

Δt3 x 120,960= 930 x 120,960= 112,492,800 days 308,199 years

Yes, you have actually checked out that properly-- Hunk got on Sakaar for virtually 300,000 years. Yet, he had not been, not truly. It's just as well lengthy and also there's no feasible method he might've gotten on the earth that long. Much more significantly, Thor invested just a few days on Sakaar, which is much less than a min in Planet time. This implies that the Revengers must have shown up on Sakaar following Hela eliminated Thor's buddies as well as prior to she solitarily butchered the Asgardian military, in time to conserve Asgard prior to Hela ended up being as well effective. As well as considering that it did not occur like that we can just attest our declaration from the get go of this area-- it's a story opening as well as you need not trouble with it. We can all presume that Hunk invested 2 and also a fifty percent years in the world prior to being conserved.

Which's it for today. We wish you enjoyed analysis odds and ends we assisted fix this issue for you. See you following time and also do not neglect to follow us!