Feeding America is an across the country network of 200 food financial institutions as well as 60,000 food kitchens and also dish programs that supplies food and also solutions to individuals annually. With each other, we are the country's biggest residential hunger-relief company. When you add to Feeding America, you are joining our initiatives in almost every area in all 50 states, Washington D.C., and also Puerto Rico.

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What is a food financial institution?

A food financial institution is a charitable company that disperses as well as gathers food to hunger-relief charities. Food financial institutions work as food storage space as well as circulation depots for smaller sized cutting edge firms; and also generally do not themselves break down food straight to individuals dealing with cravings.

Food financial institutions in the united state are extremely varied-- from tiny procedures offering individuals expanded throughout huge backwoods to huge centers that keep as well as disperse lots of numerous extra pounds of food every year, and also whatever in between. A selection of aspects effect just how food financial institutions function, from the dimension of the center to the variety of team member. Yet, something all food financial institutions share is that they count on volunteers as well as contributors to execute their everyday procedures.


Food Banks

A food financial institution is a storage facility for numerous extra pounds of food as well as various other items that head out to the neighborhood.

Food Pantries

A food kitchen operates as the arms that connect to that neighborhood straight. Some make use of mobile food cupboards, which get to individuals in locations of high requirement.

Exactly how does the Feeding America network of food financial institutions function?

Just how do food financial institutions function? Obtaining nurturing, secure food for individuals dealing with appetite calls for a durable framework and also a high level of control.


Feeding America safeguards contributions from nationwide food and also grocery store makers, stores, cultivators, carriers as well as packers and also from federal government companies as well as various other companies. Our team functions carefully with the companions to match excess food with the food financial institutions that many require it.

The Feeding America network of food financial institutions gets as well as securely shops given away food as well as grocery store items. Feeding America sustains participant food financial institutions with oversight, training, and also tools gives to make certain non-perishable and also subject to spoiling food is dealt with as well as saved correctly.

The food financial institutions disperse food as well as grocery store things via food cupboards as well as dish programs that offer households, youngsters, elders, and also people in danger of cravings. In 2015 alone, the Feeding America network dispersed greater than 3.6 billion dishes to individuals in requirement.

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The Feeding America across the country network of food financial institutions likewise sustains programs that boost food safety amongst individuals we offer; enlightens the general public regarding the trouble of cravings; and also supporters for regulations that shields individuals from going starving. People, charities, services, and also the federal government all have a function in finishing cravings.