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Among the Marine Corps" largest bases is Camp Lejeune (luh-JUNE) in North Carolina. But also for years, lots of people have actually been mispronouncing the base"s name. The household of Lt. Gen. John Lejeune, whom the base was called for, states luh-JERN. Currently there"s silent relocate the armed forces to fix the enunciation.


There"s a long-running dispute at a Marine Corps base in North Carolina. We"re not speaking about the argument over the plan in Afghanistan. It"s concerning enunciation.


Simply the example that winds up soaking up priceless mins of our day right here in the newsroom.

NORRIS: The large inquiry because discussion is this: Do you state Camp Lejeune or Camp Lejerne(ph)?

Below"s Catherine Welch, from participant terminal WHQR, to arrange this full blast.

CATHERINE WELCH: Comb Marine Corps background, and also you"d be hard-pressed to locate a harder, extra achieved Marine than General John Archer Lejeune. He dealt with in World war as well as later on, as the 13th commander, he saved the Marine Corps from shedding its capacity to combat on both land as well as mixed-up - an actual Marine"s Marine.

Mr. PATRICK BRENT (Former Marine-Freelance Reporter): This guy conserved the Marine Corps.

WELCH: That"s Patrick Brent, a previous Marine.

Mr. BRENT: The whole Marine Corps, all the tasks connected, would undoubtedly not exist had he not existed.

WELCH: Brent is currently a self-employed reporter that was servicing a tale concerning exactly how to claim General Lejeune"s name when he recognized that almost everybody mispronounces it. So he coordinated with one more previous Marine, George Barros(ph), and also began an activity to obtain individuals to quit calling it Camp Lejeune and also begin calling it Camp Lejerne. They spoke with leading brass, set up signboards, also made sphere caps.

Mr. GEORGE BARROS (Former Marine): My hat states: With regard, Lejerne. They see my hat and also they state, whats that for? And after that I inform them. And also they claim why? Claim there"s no R in it.

WELCH: That"s the issue. There"s no R in the name. It resembles Lejeune however it"s articulated Lejerne. And also Barros claims when General Lejeune and also his period receded, individuals didnt see an R.

Mr. BARROS: It was Lejerne right here up till the center "60s, and afterwards it simply went to pot. If I can obtain these hillbillies down below to claim Lejerne, we obtained it made.

WELCH: Barros might believe all he needs to do is obtain private citizens off-base to quit claiming Lejeune, however he"s mosting likely to need to place in some deal with base. Thats where I asked a couple of Militaries having lunch at the commissary an easy concern: Their name, ranking, as well as where they were based.

Corporal BLACKMAN: Corporal Blackman. Im with 3rd Marine Unique Workflow Squadron, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

Gunnery Sergeant DONALD J. JONES: Gunnery Sergeant Donald J. Jones at Camp Lejeune.

WELCH: Both of those Militaries state they understand it"s Lejerne, yet Gunnery Sergeant Jones claims old practices are difficult to damage.

GSgt. JONES: A few of the more recent Militaries, they call it Lejerne reason thats exactly how they"ve been presented to it. A few of us older Militaries, we still have the negative practice of calling it Lejeune, reason we"ve been right here for 16 or 18 years.

WELCH: Throughout the commissary, Gunnery Sergeant William Gorman is completing his baked hen.

Where are you based?

Gunnery Sergeant WILLIAM GORMAN: Camp Lejerne, North Carolina.

WELCH: What do individuals claim to you when they listen to the means you articulate it?

GSgt. GORMAN: Some will certainly remedy me. Some will certainly recognize the correct enunciation.

WELCH: Currently, what happens if someone that rates less than you calls it Lejeune?

GSgt. GORMAN: He obtains remedied.

WELCH: Suppose someone that rates greater than you calls it Lejeune?

GSgt. GORMAN: It may be discussed.

WELCH: This is just how the Marine Corps desires the modification to take place, from the Marine"s leading general on to the previous base leader, Colonel Richard Flatau, that states the Lejerne enunciation has a far better opportunity of sticking with regard.

Colonel RICHARD FLATAU (Commander, Base Camp Lejeine): We didnt obtain this means, you understand, over night, and also we"re not mosting likely to transform it around over night.

WELCH: Whether it will certainly require time or orders, no one I consulted with might state without a doubt what it would certainly require to obtain individuals both on as well as off base to alter the method they claim the name.

For Information, Im Catherine Welch at Camp Lejeune - at Camp Lejerne, North Carolina. records are developed on a thrill target date by Verb8tm, Inc., an specialist, as well as created making use of an exclusive transcription procedure established with This message might not remain in its last kind and also might be upgraded or changed in the future.

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