It's very easy to discover just how to state "Mom" in Oriental You just require a couple of mins.

It's an usual Oriental word you'll listen to in Oriental flicks, K-Dramas, and also in K-Pop tracks.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of various variations of words. This can be complicated, so it pays to take a couple of mins to recognize the distinctions.

We'll describe what you require to understand!


This word has a comparable significance to 'mama' in English, as well as need to just be made use of when speaking to your very own mommy. When describing your very own family members in Oriental, rather than stating 'my mommy', you require to claim 'our mama' (우리 엄마|uri eomma)

You may observe this use words 우리 (uri) in position like Woori Financial institution in Korea. It's an unique social word that you'll see in several circumstances.


우리 엄마는 걱정이 굉장히 많아요. (uri eommaneun geokjeongi goengjanghi manayo.)

My mommy has a great deal of anxiousness.

You might desire to clean up on your Oriental grammar or sentence framework expertise if you require assistance recognizing the instance sentences over. Often the Oriental bits are left out, which is regular in daily Oriental discussion.

We have actually described several of one of the most vital facets of the language in our Oriental discovering overview below.

A Word of Care Concerning Romanization

We have actually included the romanization for every one of these words to aid with enunciation. Nonetheless, discovering the Oriental alphabet (Hangeul) will certainly assist you discover Oriental a whole lot faster than if you only rely upon romanization. Hangeul can be discovered below in much less than a hr. It will certainly profit your Oriental discovering greatly by enhancing your analysis capability, enunciation, as well as capability to find out brand-new words as well as expressions quicker.

It's finest to make certain you have actual discussions if you actually desire improve your Oriental talking abilities. Obtain some exercise with a language exchange companion When talking in Oriental, or join our complete Oriental program for all the assistance you will certainly require.


When referring to non-family participants, you might listen to Koreans making use of family members words.

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Although words 이모 (imo), which suggests 'auntie', is one of the most typical family members word made use of for resolving females of a mommy's age, words 어머니 might sometimes be made use of by individuals so do not obtain puzzled if you hear it in this context (although I do not advise that you utilize it on your own).

Since you understand exactly how to state 'mom; in Oriental, begin asking your Oriental pals regarding their family members, as well as informing them regarding your own!