Words for pants or trousers in Italian is pantaloni Merely believe of the English word [you locate on your own having a hard time to remember this term [em> pantaloons

IPA:/ pan.taˈlo.ni/

Both the Italian pantaloni as well as English pantaloons stem from the French pantalon, which consequently owes its name to the popular Commedia dell'Arte personality, Pantalone , whose outfit contains lengthy culottes.

A few of one of the most prominent sort of pants consist of:

pants = pants pinocchietti / pantaloni alla Capri = Capri trousers pantaloni del pigiama = pijama trousers pantaloni da tuta / ginnastica = sweatpants pantaloni a zampa/ campana = bell-bottoms / flares pantaloni a vita bassa = hip-huggers

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The particular pantalone is hardly ever listened to otherwise of simply one leg of a set of pants ( paio di pantaloni .

Posso provarequesto paio di pantaloni?

Can I try out this set of pants?

Below are a variety of vital verbs you'll see utilized in addition to pantaloni in discussion:

infilarsi i pantaloni = to place on (one's) pants mettersi i pantaloni = to place on (one's) pants indossare i pantaloni = to use pants togliersi i pantaloni = to remove (one's) pants

The petite pantaloncini , which actually converts as tiny pants , is words Italians provide to shorts An additional means of claiming the exact same point is pantaloncini corti (lit: brief little pants . The pejorative, pantalonacci on the various other hand, describes pants that are old as well as broken.

A rather repulsive expression is farsela nei pantaloni ( to do it in your pants . It equates as to sh * t or to p * ss oneself out of scare.

, if you claim that a female porta i pantaloni ( puts on the pants , the ramification is that she is the individual in the partnership that remains in control and also chooses.

È mia mamma che porta i pantaloni in casa.

My mum is the one that uses the pants in the house.

A close basic synonym of pantaloni is calzoni however the last is rather out-of-date and also isn't commonly listened to in discussion.

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