The San Gervasio Mayan damages in Cozumel might not be as enforcing as the Kukulkan Pyramid of Chichen Itza or flaunt as sensational of deem the old frameworks forgeting the Caribbean Sea in Tulum. They are, nonetheless, absolutely worth a see!

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When lots of people think about Cozumel damages they're most likely creating in their minds those renowned pictures of websites like Chichen Itza or Tulum.

While we do not wish to ruin it for you, it is essential to start by allowing you recognize that the San Gervasio damages in Cozumel are, ehm, a lot more simple in nature.

Naturally, that never indicates that they are not excellent or played an essential duty in the background of the old Maya.

Not. It resembles having 2 youngsters as well as one is taller than the various other. They're both still unique in their very own right. That's exactly how it is with the Mayan damages too.

It's simply that you will not discover frameworks such as the wonderful Kukulcan pyramid of Chichen Itza or a holy place high up on a high cliff forgeting the Caribbean Sea.

So since we have actually obtained that off the beaten track, allow's have a look at what you will certainly discover at this old historical site as well as among our advised points to do in Cozumel

The San Gervasio Damages of Cozumel


Found in the northeast part of Cozumel Island, the Mayan damages of San Gervasio are included 4 various locations crossing numerous kilometers.

Nevertheless, just one component of these damages is open to the general public.

In pre-Hispanic times, before the arrival of the Spanish explorations led by Juan de Grijalva as well as Hernan Cortes, Cozumel had an additional name.

The old Maya, that when made expeditions to the island in honor of the siren of fertility, Ixchel, called the island Tantun Cuzmal (level rock in the area of the swallows).

As a matter of fact, Cozumel was to the Maya what Capital is to the Muslims or Rome to the Catholics.


As much back as 1549, the diocesan of Yucatan, Diego de Landa , well known for his damage of Mayan society and also the burning of their codices and also images, discovered that the Maya, ""held Cozumel in the very same veneration as we have for expeditions to Jerusalem and also Rome, therefore they utilized to head to see as well as use presents there, as we do to sanctuaries; as well as if they did not go themselves, they constantly sent their offerings." (Resource: Wikipedia)

Today, Mexico's Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (National Institute of Sociology and also Background) operates in combination with the Cozumel Parks Division to keep the website as well as maintain it open up to site visitors.

San Gervasio Frameworks & structures

There are numerous structures as well as frameworks expanded via the initial location or area of San Gervasio.

And also while incapable to take on the dimension of several of the frameworks developed at Chichen Itza, Tulum, Ek Balam or Coba, the Mayan damages Cozumel are no much less outstanding in regards to their historic relevance.

Building aspects can be located going back to 600 advertisement and also as current as 1650 ADVERTISEMENT.

Right here is a short summary of what you can anticipate to discover.

ChichanNah-- Cottage


Situated not much from the home of the San Gervasio's high leader, Chichan Nah offered a kind of refuge or church. When you go on a Cozumel damages excursion at San Gervasio, it is the initial structure you will certainly check out.

Las Manitas-- Little Hands


Las Manitas, a.k.a. little hands, was the residence of the website's leader, called Ah Huineb, an emperor of the Itza individuals that additionally subjugated Chichen Itza. Tiny red-colored hand prints have actually been discovered on the indoor wall surfaces of the structure, thus the name Las Manitas.


As you proceed your trip down the spiritual courses, understood to the old Maya as Sacbe or white roadway, make certain to try to find a tiny opening in the ground simply to the west where you'll discover the entry to a cenote or sinkhole. Not just did this give a resource of water for the neighborhood populace; the old Maya thought about cenotes to be sites to the Inferno called Xibalba

The Arc


This aspect of San Gervasio is a repair done by Mexico's INAH in the 1980s. The arc expands upwards regarding 7 feet as well as was set up as the portal of the Sacbe (white roadway) introducing San Gervasio. All site visitors from the shore to the website would unavoidably pass under its upside down staircase-like development.

Ka'na Nah-- Tall Home

Real to its name, Ka'na Nah, or the Tall Home, is among the biggest framework in San Gervasio — — also if it's tiny in contrast to various other websites such as Tulum or Cobá. Undoubtedly, this structure housed one of the most essential holy place on the island devoted to the siren Ixchel. Tiny faces are sculpted right into the rock that create the base as well as stairs.

Nohoch Nah-- Big Residence


Nohoch Nah is one of the most unspoiled structure of all the Mayan damages in Cozumel. Found along the highway of the Cozumel damages understood today as San Gervasio, a church lay in the facility of the holy place where visitors of the ritualistic facility can leave their offerings. Visitors to the website would certainly leave their homage right here prior to continuing on pass under The Arc.

Central Plaza


Included 6 structures built in the type of a square in whose facility exists a church or system, maybe for oratories, the main plaza functioned as the conference factor for site visitors to the island that concerned take part in the spiritual events.

Los Murciélagos-- The Bats


Located on a system, this collection of structures as well as spaces when functioned as the home of the Itza emperor Ah Huineb throughout the Late Article Standard Duration.

Ixchel-- The Mayan Siren of Fertility


While the dimension of San Gervasio might not give the value of the website to the old Maya, possibly this will certainly: San Gervasio worked as the 2nd crucial website of trip for the old Maya of the area simply behind Chichen Itza.


Give thanks to Ixchel , the Mayan siren of fertility in whose honor the holy place of Ka'na Nah (Tall Home) was developed.

There are lots of depictions of the siren Ixchel, some illustrating her as a girl and also others as an old woman.

She can typically be seen depicted with a snake in her hair as well as putting water right into the planet from a container.

Cozumel Ruins Prices & Opening Hrs

San Gervasio is open daily from 8:00 a.m. till 3:45 p.m. Grownups pay a $4.50 USD entry charge, as well as children 10 and also under can check out at no cost. The Cozumel damages have standard solutions as well as centers consisting of toilets, a sandwich shop, complimentary car park, as well as keepsakes as well as inventions offered for acquisition. Attempt and also go early as this way you can defeat the groups and also the warm. Additionally, make sure to bring some water, a hat, and also insect repellant, specifically throughout stormy period.

San Gervasio Mayan Damages Evaluation


Then you must most definitely pay a browse through to the Mayan damages of San Gervasio, if you're on Cozumel Island as well as out checking out. The rate comes to all, a scenic tour of the Mayan damages will not take much of your time — — concerning a hr — as well as you also will certainly have the ability to commemorate that remarkable siren of fertility called Ixchel. And also, it's a wonderful area to take a couple of images before structures built centuries prior to you were also birthed as well as had a cellular phone with which you can take that selfie.

Various Other Mayan Damages Expeditions from Cozumel


Stress not if you're interested in Mayan society as well as are looking to have a much more comprehensive experience with Mayan damages than you'll discover on the island.

Fly Cozumel deals numerous fantastic trips to the various Mayan damages situated throughout the Yucatan Peninsula.

And also keep in mind, due to the fact that every one of our expeditions are by airplane, you'll not just obtain the very best seat in your house however you'll additionally reach the damages quicker than you would certainly also leaving from Playa del Carmen or Cancun.

Below are your choices.

Cozumel to Chichen Itza: Assisted Excursion of the UNESCO Globe Heritage Website


Fly to from Cozumel to Chichen Itza in simply 45 mins! When on the ground, you'll take a directed scenic tour of this Brand-new 7 Marvel of the Globe with our incredibly amusing and also extremely skilled overview, Mr. Turtle. Later on, you'll have time to swim in the Ik Kil Cenote as well as take pleasure in a lunch buffet of local food prior to flying back over forest as well as sea to Cozumel. Our # 1 excursion!

Even more Information Right here!

The Ultimate 4-in-1 Mayan Damages Explore

This amazing airborne trip takes you on an exciting trip over 4 of the Yucatan Peninsula's a lot of renowned Mayan damages. While you will not in fact touch down, you will certainly have several of one of the most extraordinary sights you can ever before picture of the fantastic Mayan damages of Chichen Itza, Tulum, Ek Balam, as well as Coba. Do not neglect to bring your electronic camera on this!

Schedule this Scenic tour Right Here!

Cozumel to Tulum by Aircraft


Take the incredible however brief trip from Cozumel to Tulum and also experience Tulum long prior to the website obtains loaded with travelers as well as the noontime sunlight starts to warm up this attractive historical site of the old Maya. You'll take an assisted scenic tour of these Mayan damages referred to as the "Location of the Dawning Sunlight" forgeting the Caribbean Sea prior to triggering to a sensational Tulum coastline for lunch and also a little remainder and also leisure.

Schedule Tulum Damages by Aircraft Below!

Required some even more positioning? This Cozumel map of the San Gervasio Mayan damages is an excellent beginning to obtain concept of the website's design. You can publish it out, although it will not be required.

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Each site visitor is provided a San Gervasio map upon entrance to the historical site.